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gx_jconv::GxJConvSettings Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void configureJConvSettings (string &presname)
void dumpParameters ()
jack_nframes_t getBufferSize () const
guint getDelay () const
string getFullIRPath () const
float getGain () const
string getIRDir () const
string getIRFile () const
guint getlDelay () const
guint getLength () const
float getlGain () const
guint getMem () const
GxJConvMode getMode () const
guint getOffset () const
void invalidate ()
bool isValid ()
void resetSetting ()
void setBufferSize (jack_nframes_t bs)
void setDelay (guint del)
void setGain (float gain)
void setIRDir (string name)
void setIRFile (string name)
void setlDelay (guint del)
void setLength (guint leng)
void setlGain (float gain)
void setMem (guint mem)
void setMode (GxJConvMode mode)
void setOffset (guint offs)
void validate ()

Static Public Member Functions

static GxJConvSettingsinstance ()

Static Public Attributes

static float checkbutton7 = 0.

Private Attributes

jack_nframes_t fBufferSize
guint fDelay
float fGain
string fIRDir
string fIRFile
guint flDelay
guint fLength
float flGain
guint fMem
GxJConvMode fMode
guint fOffset
bool fValidSettings

Detailed Description

Definition at line 65 of file gx_jconv_settings.h.

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