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gx_gui::GxMainInterface Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual void addbigregler (const char *label, float *zone, float init, float min, float max, float step)
virtual void addbtoggle (const char *label, float *zone)
void addCallback (float *zone, GxUiCallback foo, void *data)
void addClientPortMap (const string)
void addClientPorts ()
virtual void addMenu ()
virtual void addregler (const char *label, float *zone, float init, float min, float max, float step)
virtual void addslider (const char *label, float *zone, float init, float min, float max, float step)
virtual void addStatusDisplay (const char *label, float *zone)
virtual void addstoggle (const char *label, float *zone)
virtual void addValueDisplay (const char *label, float *zone, float init, float min, float max, float step)
bool applyStateFromString (const string &)
virtual void closeBox ()
void createPortMapWindow (const char *label="")
virtual void declare (float *zone, const char *key, const char *value)
void deleteAllClientPortMaps ()
void deleteClientPortMap (const string)
void deleteClientPorts ()
void dumpStateToString (string &)
void fetchPresetStateFromFile (const char *, const char *, string &)
GtkWidget * getClientPort (const string, const int)
GtkWidget * getClientPortMap (const string)
GtkWidget * getClientPortTable (const string, const int)
GtkWidget *const getJackConnectItem () const
GtkWidget *const getJackLatencyItem (const jack_nframes_t bufsize) const
GtkWidget *const getJCLevelMeters () const
GtkWidget *const getLevelMeters () const
GtkWidget *const getMenu (const string name) const
GtkNotebook *const getPortMapTabs () const
GtkWindow *const getPortMapWindow () const
void initClientPortMaps ()
virtual void openEventBox (const char *label="")
virtual void openFrame1Box (const char *label)
virtual void openFrameBox (const char *label)
virtual void openHorizontalBox (const char *label="")
virtual void openJackClientBox (const char *label)
virtual void openLevelMeterBox (const char *label)
virtual void openTabBox (const char *label="")
virtual void openVertical1Box (const char *label="")
virtual void openVertical2Box (const char *label="")
virtual void openVerticalBox (const char *label="")
virtual void openWarningBox (const char *label, float *zone)
void recalladState (const char *filename, int a, int b, int lin)
bool recallPresetByname (const char *, const char *)
void recallState (const char *filename)
void registerZone (float *, GxUiItem *)
bool renamePreset (const char *, const char *, const char *)
virtual void run ()
void saveStateToFile (const char *)
virtual void setup ()
virtual void show ()
void stop ()
bool stopped ()
void updateAllZones ()
void updateZone (float *z)

Static Public Member Functions

static GxMainInterfaceinstance (const char *name="", int *pargc=NULL, char ***pargv=NULL)
static void updateAllGuis ()

Public Attributes

GtkAccelGroup * fAccelGroup
set< GtkWidget * > fClientPortMap

Static Public Attributes

static const gboolean expand = TRUE
static const gboolean fill = TRUE
static bool fInitialized = false
static const gboolean homogene = FALSE

Protected Member Functions

GtkWidget * addWidget (const char *label, GtkWidget *w)
virtual void pushBox (int mode, GtkWidget *w)

Protected Attributes

GtkWidget * fBox [stackSize]
GtkWidget * fJackConnectItem
GtkWidget * fJackLatencyItem [NJACKLAT]
GtkWidget * fJCLevelMeters [2]
GtkWidget * fJCSignalLevelBar
GtkWidget * fLevelMeters [2]
map< string, GtkWidget * > fMenuList
int fMode [stackSize]
GtkNotebook * fPortMapTabs
GtkWindow * fPortMapWindow
GtkWidget * fSignalLevelBar
bool fStopped
int fTop

Private Member Functions

void addAboutMenu ()
void addEngineMenu ()
void addExtraPresetMenu ()
void addGuiSkinMenu ()
void addJackServerMenu ()
void addMainMenu ()
void addOptionMenu ()
void addPresetMenu ()
 GxMainInterface (const char *name, int *pargc, char ***pargv)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file gx_main_interface.h.

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