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gx_engine::GxEngine Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void compute (int count, float **input, float **output)
void get_jconv_output (float **input, float **output, int sf)
void get_latency_warning_change ()
int getNumInputs ()
int getNumOutputs ()
void initEngine (int samplingFreq)
bool isInitialized ()
void process_buffers (int count, float **input, float **output)
void set_latency_warning_change ()

Static Public Member Functions

static GxEngineinstance ()
static void metadata (Meta *m)
static void zeroize (int array[], int array_size)
static void zeroize (float array[], int array_size)

Public Attributes

float fConst_tone0
float fConst_tone1
float fConst_tone2
float fConst_tone3
float fConst_tone4
float fConst_tone5
float fConstdel0
float filebutton
float fjc_ingain
float fjc_ingain1
float fRec46 [2]
float fRec47 [2]
float fRec_ltone0 [3]
float fRec_ltone1 [3]
float fRec_ltone2 [3]
float fRec_ltone3 [3]
float fRec_tone0 [3]
float fRec_tone1 [3]
float fRec_tone2 [3]
float fRec_tone3 [3]
float fRecinjc [2]
float fRecinjcr [2]
float fslider17
float fslider24
float fslider25
float fslider_tone0
float fslider_tone1
float fslider_tone2
int fslider_tone_check
int fslider_tone_check1
float fsliderdel0
float fsliderdel1
float fSlow_mid_tone
float fSlow_tone0
float fSlow_tone1
float fSlow_tone10
float fSlow_tone11
float fSlow_tone12
float fSlow_tone13
float fSlow_tone14
float fSlow_tone15
float fSlow_tone16
float fSlow_tone17
float fSlow_tone18
float fSlow_tone19
float fSlow_tone2
float fSlow_tone20
float fSlow_tone21
float fSlow_tone22
float fSlow_tone23
float fSlow_tone24
float fSlow_tone25
float fSlow_tone26
float fSlow_tone27
float fSlow_tone28
float fSlow_tone29
float fSlow_tone3
float fSlow_tone30
float fSlow_tone31
float fSlow_tone32
float fSlow_tone33
float fSlow_tone34
float fSlow_tone35
float fSlow_tone36
float fSlow_tone37
float fSlow_tone38
float fSlow_tone39
float fSlow_tone4
float fSlow_tone40
float fSlow_tone41
float fSlow_tone42
float fSlow_tone43
float fSlow_tone44
float fSlow_tone45
float fSlow_tone46
float fSlow_tone47
float fSlow_tone5
float fSlow_tone6
float fSlow_tone7
float fSlow_tone8
float fSlow_tone9
float fVec_ltone0 [3]
float fVec_tone0 [3]
float fVecdel0 [262144]
float fVecdel1 [262144]
float fwarn
int IOTAdel

Protected Attributes

int fSamplingFreq


class GxMainInterface

Detailed Description

Definition at line 88 of file gx_engine.h.

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